About Us

Ideas. Goals. Strategy. Impact.

…Success? Can’t say.

…Uncertainty? Absolutely.

All public benefit organizations (NGOs, Nonprofits, Charities, Social Enterprises etc.) that exist today start out as the thoughts of a founder or group of founders. Who is going to benefit from my organization? Where should I focus my attention? What sequence of steps do I need to take to get this moving? Why should I do this?

Certainty only comes with taking action… but that doesn’t mean we can’t do things to prepare us.

Whether you’re trying to solve a particular problem or are just unsure of your next step, we believe that the best way to learn is by looking at how others have overcome problems.

Founding Stories is the brainchild of Development Three (D3) an international development consulting firm. Founding Stories showcases the experiences of founders of public benefit organization from around the world. The stories explore challenges faced by founders when setting up their organizations, for example addressing a cause that has little visibility or being unable maximizing funding opportunities, and showcases how founders overcame these obstacles. 

Learning from Leaders.

We sit down with leaders to get a better sense of why they set up their organizations. We listen to the trials and tribulations they faced and what they did to overcome them.

Turning these experiences into engaging narratives, we draw out the valuable lessons that everyone can learn from.

If you’re a founder or group of founders and want to share your story, get in touch. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!